The Music Lesson – A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music (by Victor Wooten)

The Music Lesson - Victor L. Wooten

Publié en 2008, “The Music Lesson” est un bijou littéraire et spirituel écrit par le talentueux bassiste Victor Wooten. L’adjectif qui conviendrait sans doute le mieux à cet ouvrage est “magique”.

Ici, Victor conte sa rencontre avec un personnage atypique, Michael, qui sera son mentor et guide dans sa quête de devenir le musicien qu’il a toujours rêvé d’être. Il sera amené à voyager à travers les multiples dimensions de la musique mais aussi à travers des sphères bien plus larges qu’il ne l’imagine, la Musique étant liée à la Vie, la Nature et autant de facettes symboliques sacrées que l’on rencontre au quotidien.

Ce livre est destiné à toute personne sans exception! Et bien entendu aux personnes qui aiment la musique de près ou de loin. Cet ouvrage résonnera d’autant plus auprès des musiciens qui désirent aller plus loin dans leur jeu et appréhender la musique de manière authentique.

Bref, un livre à lire et relire où le lecteur grandit à chaque mot et a envie de prendre en note les multiples phrases qui sonnent si justes.


Victor Wooten MOM Listen“The Music Book” is a marvellous work written by the great bassist Victor Wooten.

It is about Victor, a musician who wants to improve with his instrument but feels stuck in different ways. He meets Michael, an original guy who will be his “teacher” and mentor. Michael will show him a path which will embrace Music, and much more than Victor would have ever imagined. Indeed, this musical quest will turn into a spiritual one as Music is intertwined with Life, Mind, Spirit, Love, Nature and so many symbolic entities. 

Along with the main character, the reader will be drawn into this delighting and refreshing trip. The style of the writer is full of wit, humor and wisdom: these components make it so easily readable.

I feel this masterpiece is destined to anyone who wants to grow, learn about Music, improve one’s playing and feel even more connected to Life, Music and one’s inner Self. 

Conclusion: Do not hesitate to put this jewel in your bookshelf!

Quotes from the book:

“Music is alive, and if you treat her that way, she will speak to you. You will feel her pulse. That is her heartbeat. If you pay attention correctly, it won’t matter if you’re in another room or in another state, you’ll still be able to feel it.”

“Pure, honest intention can bring out the beauty of any emotion. And like notes, there is a world of beauty residing inside each one.”

“Play like a child with an air guitar. A child playing air guitar never plays a “wrong” note.”



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